God made the first move!

reconcile: a bringing together again
I have been thinking on and praying about the word: reconciliation for several months and I recently listened to a message from Andy Stanley: Reconciling Christmas – Great listen!
We all know the Christmas Carol….
“Hark the Herald Angels sing… Glory to the newborn king.
Peace on earth and mercy mild.
God & sinner reconciled“.
God & sinner reconciled. For there to be a bringing together ‘again’, implies there is a separation … something has been broken in an existing relationship. In the beginning of time, we were created in complete harmony with God. The sin of Adam & Eve contaminated everything and we are all now born into a broken state (you cannot deny your lack). Our sin separates us from God.
BUT … through the birth of Christ, God made a way for us to be reconnected to Him, now and forever. Oh what HOPE!
But what about sinner & sinner? How do we reconcile with those in our lives that have wounded us or we have wronged and relationship is broken?
Christmas is the story of the GREAT reconciliation yet brings us face to face with the memory of family, friends or otherwise that we are estranged from. This time of year, we watch movies about the hope of broken relationship being healed because this IS the story of the good news. God’s Peace is available but we do not always experience it when it comes to those in our lives where there is something between or something wrong. What to do about this?
Because God made a way for us to be brought back to Him, it is in this SAME power, we can be brought back to others who, like us, are sinners. But just as it takes a choice on our part to receive the gift of reconciliation to God through Christ, it takes a choice to trust God for the reconciliation between each other.  Therein lies the difficulty.  God has made the first move & all that is left for the “God & sinner reconciled” is our choice.  But when it comes to the ‘sinner to sinner’ reconciliation, it takes both parties to decide right?  I’m not God, you are not God and so this is takes effort & lots of trust.  We cannot control the other person’s response.  God made the first move! God made His move knowing we may reject, knowing we may NOT choose Him back.  We relate with God and draw on His power when we make the first move, whether it is a card, a call, a text or prayer.  We relate with God in a deep way when we trust and leave ourselves open to rejection.
So what to do? Christmas is just around the corner.  
Lean in on God.  Pray… ask God, the GREAT RECONCILER, for advice and trust Him. If you make the first move, trust God and leave the outcome up to Him.  Trust that God is at work, even when you see no results.  Trust God to sooth your heart and bring you peace in your obedience.  This is living by faith. This is living like a follower.
Who is it in your life that comes to mind when you hear the word: reconcile? Who will you struggle to see or not see this holiday season because of words spoken or actions that wounded?   What does the journey toward reconciliation look like with this person? Follow God’s lead and make a move.

2 thoughts on “God made the first move!”

  1. What nice words about reconciliation and belief in a spiritual being to help get me moving towards making peace with the world. Pam, I hope you are doing well. God bless you and your divine goodness. Happy Holidays my friend. Norbert Adame


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