Greater is He…

There are moments, days, weeks, sometimes years when we can feel “under” the weight of life.  Like a weight sinking under the water, like a bug under foot, we feel life pushing us “under”.  We feel heavy like we cannot get up on our own.  We feel scared the “under” feeling will never stop. We are exhausted just trying to breathe.  We are anxious waiting for the next thing that may push us under.


Those who hope in the Lord may experience sorrow, loss, regret, failure, trouble of any and every kind but do not have to ever feel “under” it.  For there is a greater power that lifts up when I sink.  A greater power that gives courage in the face of fear.  A greater power that gives strength to the weary.  A greater power that says nothing will separate us, you will never be alone no matter what you face or for what reason.  The same power that rose Christ from a borrowed grave lives inside of me.  It beckons me to be bold when I fear, to shout with joy when I have lost so much, to hope when its dark.  It calls from deep within – you are more than a conqueror in Christ!  You have everything you need to move forward so get UP.

Life pushes everyone “under”, but the power of Christ in me says lift your eyes beloved one and get UP.  Moment to moment, day to day, year to year….  this is what Holy living looks like… getting up when you feel under.  Even before I received the holy spirit, God’s grace sustained, pulled me up and set my feet on solid ground, I just had no spiritual perception of it.  Now that I know the hope and power that lives in me, it is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me.  It is His life that pulls me up, his resurrection, grave conquering, sin destroying, powerhouse life that lives in me and through me.  Greater is HE… greater is HE… greater is HE!

You do not have to stay under, GET UP…. because Greater is HE…..

Greater is He Song

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