Get Over It!

Like everyone else, I have been the victim of another person’s sin.  In some of those circumstances, I have remained the victim for years.  By learning to cope instead of deal, by choosing to go around the pain instead of through the pain, I became stuck as a victim.  I was deeply scarred and scared.  The result for me was anger.  I would excuse my sin because it seemed a logical response to my pain but my sin became a weight I could not bare.  I would have loved nothing more than to ‘Get Over It’, to have the pain somehow magically disappear. But in my attempt to ‘get over it’, this meant stuffing it, ignoring it, and manipulating life so I did not have to deal with it. I was still the victim.  I was worn and tired from years of trying to ‘get over it’ and I was beginning to recognize that the victim mentality was creeping into all areas of my life.  I began to wonder if I was ever going to be free.

Jesus met me at my wits end on the floor of my kitchen one morning.  As I attempted to bath my triplets and take care of my 4 year old on my own, things got chaotic (which was my new normal).  I was again the victim of my circumstances and felt trapped and ill-equipped.  I saw no hope because I had given way to the idea that anything could change or that any of my life would be in control.  What I didn’t realize was that control was an illusion and surrender was really the key to my freedom.  I had bought into the lie that if I could just get myself together, be better, get on top of things,  stop being so angry and have more self-control… I would be free.  That lie kept me pinned to the floor of my prison and I had no idea there was a way out.  In my desperation,  I gave up!  In the best possible way a person can quit – I quit trying to help myself.  When all I could do was cry and ask Jesus for help, it was enough – more than enough.  I surrendered my heart, my control and my life to Him on the kitchen floor that morning.

A LOT has changed since then, but the biggest freedom came when I allowed Jesus to walk me THROUGH the pain of my most broken moments.  I can still let that victim mentality creep in every once in a while when things feel out of control, but I now recognize where and who that comes from.  By the grace of God, I can get off that ride much quicker and Get Over It because my savior has promised to never leave me nor forsake me.  He has told me that He has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans for a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

Christ came to set the captives free (Luke 4:18).  You are I are captives until we recognize that we cannot help ourselves, we cannot free ourselves from our sin, we cannot undo what only Christ can.  God saw us in our sin and still loved – so much so that He died for us. (Romans 5:8).   We all have something to get over.  On your own, you will only find yourself under it (fill in the blank), but with Christ, you can truly be free and Get Over It!

2 thoughts on “Get Over It!”

  1. Amazing blog post, Pam. So much of it mirrors my own struggle with surrender, and the point of complete brokeness God had to let me get to before I realized my deep need for Him. Alone with very young twins, and a husband who was himself trapped in a life of addiction, I remember vividly the night I lay crumpled up on my bed, crying out for help, completely exhausted, ready to give up. He came to me that night, my Daddy in Heaven, and He began a years long journey into healing. And, no, my life did not just instantly become chocolate lined paths and coffee streams (or peaches and cream, you choose), He did, and does, walk me through every moment of my life.


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