Wizard of Oz Prayers


As my husband and I laid in bed that morning reflecting after a week from …….. well it was a week!

With 4 teenagers, 4 attitudes, 4 schedules, 4 of ALL that comes with this stage of life plus the regular things life throws at you; burst water pipes, sickness, broken water heater…. we looked at each other and realized we aren’t in Kansas anymore.


We reminded ourselves of our struggle with infertility and that God answered our long ago prayers and gifted us with 4 amazing humans to teach, love and share life with.  We decided to give them back to God that morning (a thing you will have to do over and over and over as a parent) and we started to pray for our kids:

It started with Lord HELP! (just keepin’ it real)

Then my husband added “Lord give my kids a HEART for you and for each other.”

I asked God to give them the BRAINS to do what is right.

He concluded with “and the COURAGE to follow Gods way and not their own.”

When we were done, we laughed out loud and wondered if we were crazy.  We named this prayer the Wizard of Oz prayer and we have been praying it ever since.  Maybe it’s corny but thats how you end a week from……!

  • Believe people when they tell you parenting is the HARDEST job you will ever have.
  • Don’t give up – keep FIGHTING for your kids even when they seem to not care, they do!
  • It’s the LONG PICTURE that counts, not the hard time you find yourself in in the moments of life.
  • Pray for them – Wizard of Oz Prayers!


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