Why didn’t they offer THAT class in College?

The college class EVERYONE needs but no one offers….

The College Class EVERYONE needs but no one offers…..

My friend and coach colleague, Norbert, is going to be teaching a college course soon which got me thinking about all the different jobs I have had and all the classes I NEEDED but no one ever offered.

Like the class for TEACHERS that teaches you…

  • to make good friends with all secretarial & custodial staff at school because when you need something they can make life a whole lot easier
  • how to interpret the 800 acronyms that comprise the “special language” teachers and administrators use: MLP, DDI, SLO, AESOP, APPR, ARGHHHH…
  • how to deal when one of your students tracks dog poo into the room, doesn’t realize it until he has successfully left a little everywhere and the remaining students go berzerk
  • how to handle the kid who sits under their desk for the whole day barking at you like a dog because they hate school
  • what to say to the student who can’t hold it together in your room for more than 20 min. because their world outside of school is in crisis on a daily basis
  • how to recover when there is a major “incident’ at school and you are now afraid of those you teach
  • how to cope when after you have attended the trainings, ¬†planned for hours past the work day, applied all the content from all the other college classes you HAVE taken, done everything you know to do within your controlled environment in the limited time of a lesson and a day… yet receive and “ineffective teacher” on your evaluation because it happens to the best of teachers.

Like the class for PASTORS that teaches you…

  • how to handle the moment in the ICU family waiting room when the doctors say it’s “over” to the young fiance whose life just turned on a dime
  • how to keep the Sabbath and really rest and NOT feel guilty
  • how to handle that awkward moment when something comes out of your mouth from the pulpit that you wish you could press rewind on
  • how to handle other people’s expectations of you
  • how to help your kids stay in love with the church no matter what

I am sure every professional could make their own “Why didn’t they offer THAT class in college?” list. ¬†Isn’t it funny how some of the most important stuff we need is not deliberately taught as part of the required credits?

I want to teach THAT class!

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