LOVE in the Shadows

Finding love in the shadows….

What is the thing in your life that seems like it hovers over you and creates a sense of looming darkness? Is it fear, finances, broken relationships, illness, the unknown…. Sometimes the circumstances of life move in and seem like the giant we cannot overcome.

Walking in the valley of shadows is an unsettling place to be. Most of us are uncomfortable there. We can tend to focus on the lack of light and the thing hovering over us. Your perspective in the shadows of life is what will determine how you handle it. A shadow is only a shadow because there is a light source behind it. God has not disappeared or let you go. As a matter of fact he is offering you a covering of a different kind. He offers you and I the shadow of His wings. He offers protection and comfort.

Finding the love in the shadows is a way of experiencing God in a whole new way. In the shadows our strength is weak but He is strong. In the Shadows the love of God can conquer our fear. In the shadows we can find the rest our Savior offers. In the shadows we are reminded of the most important parts of life. LOVE in the shadows is deeply personal.

If you find yourself in the shadows today, hold on. God is the light creating the shadow. As you sit in the shadow of His wings, rest in the comfort of a Heavenly Father that offering a love you cannot find anywhere else.

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