Band of Brothers

I had Six brothers growing up.  Six biological brothers who would love and protect me.  Then, as life dictates, we grew up and moved on.  Along the way and through some difficult experiences in my life, men became unsafe.  As a result, I clumped them altogether and emotionally decided that there were not even ‘a few good men’ out there.  This lie I bought into was reinforced by media and a society that continually breaks down authentic manhood and portrays men as stupid, greedy and overly sexed.  Buying into this lie just made me angry and kept me from experiencing the strength of real men.  Every woman wants the HERO.   I needed a hero – I desperately wanted to be wrong about men. Every woman wants her heart to be seen and to be cherish.  I was desperate for my heart to be seen, protected and cherished again.

Thankfully, God was out to change my mind on men.  It began with my husband.  When I met Doug he was a genuine ‘guys guy’ who worked hard, loved to hunt, build things with his hands and was a risk taker.  He was compassionate and generous.  He loved to help others and genuinely respected them.  I fell hard.  Over the years, my husband has gently led me to become more the woman God has created me to be. He has never given up on me and continually shows me that I am valuable and cherished.  He has encouraged and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and has a knack for “kicking me back into play” when I feel like quitting.  When we committed our lives to Christ, he became not only my husband but my brother in Christ.  He is a reflection of Ephesians 5:25-28.

When I stepped into ministry, God began to add to the brotherhood.  God literally surrounded me with men.  Men that continually transformed my thinking.  God still sees fit to give me Six Brothers.  Six spiritual brothers who love and protect me.   God has personally gifted me in life with the presence of strong men who have reflected His image over and over because He knew just what I needed.   All these incredible men that God has placed in my life have not only helped me to know the truth and change my perspective, but have given me the strength to persevere and become more of who I am supposed to be.  I am so grateful.

Here are a few things I have learned about strong men from my Band of Brothers:

  • They set themselves apart for God and His purposes.
  • They lead by example and with humility.  
  • They are not afraid to be second.
  • They speak up for truth even when it costs them personally. 
  • They seek wisdom – not of this world or of themselves but of God.
  • They are respectful to all.
  • They appreciate beauty and know that it is a gift from God.
  • They say what they mean and mean what they say.
  • They are not afraid to fight for what is good and true – even to death.

I could go on… but I will end with this:  

This Christmas, I thank God first and foremost for the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ, who rescued my soul.  I thank God for the personal gift He gave to me in my Band of Brothers who have reflected the image of my savior.   I thank God for the gift that I can now honestly share with my daughters the reality of Godly men.


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